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May 22, 2019
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Backgammon History
Games Sites (1 - 8 of 8)

The Origin of Backgammon Go
This site retraces the history of backgammon through time.

Traditional Games - Backgammon Go
Includes a brief history and information about backgammon and its variants.

GammonVillage - History of Backgammon Go
History of Backgammon.

Games of the Viking & Anglo-Saxon Age Go
This page illustrates the most popular games of the Viking & Anglo-Saxon Age, including dice and board games.

Traditional Games - Royal Game of Ur and Tau Go
Includes a brief history and information about the royal game of ur (the ancestor of modern backgammon) and its variants.

Columbus Backgammon History Go
A brief description of Backgammon History by Columbus Team.

The Game of Senet Go
Senet is an Egyptian race game and may be the ancestor of our modern backgammon.

MSN Gaming Zone - Backgammon History Go
Brief history of the game.

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