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June 28, 2022
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Bridge: The Club Series, Vol. 1 - Bidding, by Audrey Grant Go
This book is a fun and easy way to learn the game of bridge. Focuses on bidding.

Introduction to Bridge Defense 'Heart Series', by Audrey Grant Go
Ultimate book for learning how to defend bridge hands. Includes practice exercises.

Modern Bridge Conventions, by William S. Root, Richard Pavlicek Go
This easy-to-follow book covers in detail more than 50 of the most practical bridge conventions in use today. A glossary, which also serves as an index, lists more than 250 popular conventions, treatments, and systems.

The King in Jeopardy: The Best Techniques for Attack and Defense Go
Grandmaster and US champion, presents and analyzes the attack and defense of the king, with hundreds of game illustrations, problems and exercises, and instructive explanations and solutions.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bridge, by H. Anthony Medley Go
Discover quick and easy ways to: evaluate each hand, use convention bidding, understand your partner's bids and leads, avoid playing mistakes that beginners often make, play like an expert and more.

Modern Losing Trick Count, by Ron Klinger Go
Ron Klinger¹s book is now considered the standard text on the Losing Trick Count ‹ the key to success at the bridge table.

Watson's Classic Book on the Play of the Hand at Bridge Go
A book about Bridge.

Introduction to Defender's Play, by Edwin B. Kantar Go
A book about Bridge.

To Bid or Not to Bid the Law of Total Tricks, by Larry Cohen Go
A book about Bridge.

Bridge For Dummies, by Edwin B. Kantar Go
Grand Master Eddie Kantar shares with you years of bridge expertise, featuring the basics, tricks, bids, contracts and strategy. Also, features a guide to computer bridge games and bridge websites.

Complete Book on Balancing in Contract Bridge, by Mike Lawrence Go
A book about Bridge.

The ABCs of Bridge, by William S. Root, Patricia L. Magnus Go
In this book, the author teaches you how to Play a Bridge Hand, and How to Defend a Bridge Hand - all of which won the Book of the Year title awarded by the American Bridge Teachers' Association.

How to Read Your Opponents Cards, by Mike Lawrence Go
Shows you how to spot and interpret clues from the opening bid, through watching your opponent's body language for the tells that reveal their thoughts involuntarily. Each chapter features a quiz section to help you practice techniques.

The Fun Way to Serious Bridge, by Harry Lampert Go
The magic of the superb cartoons in this book, and the simple, informative language will help you to absorb and remember the principles of serious contract bridge. You'll laugh and learn every step of the way from opening bids to strip and end plays.

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