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February 19, 2019
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Checkers Books
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101 Checker Puzzles MENSA, by Robert W. Pike Go
Put yourself in the player's place and try to fathom next move. Includes descriptions, tips and a solutions section, different board layouts, American Checker Federation rules, glossary and more.

Board Game Central - Checkers Books Go
Nice collection of Checkers related books.

Play Winning Checkers: Official American Mensa Game Book Go
Points out the benefits of this game; discusses the history of checkers; offers strategy and tactics, with diagrams on plays at the beginning, middle, and closing of the game, and pitfalls; advice for setting up a checkers tournament.

How to Win at Checkers, by Fred Reinfeld Go
A book about Checkers.

Starting Out in Checkers, by Richard Pask Go
In this book, Checkers grandmaster Richard Pask provides newcomers to the game with a thorough grounding in the essentials of play.

Checker Power: A Game of Problem Solving, by Robert W. Pike Go
A book about Checkers.

Stepping Stones to Go, by Shigemi Kishikaw, Shigemi Kishikawa Go
A book about Checkers.

Play Winning Checkers, by Robert Pike Go
A book about Checkers.

One Jump Ahead: Challenging Human Supremacy in Checkers Go
Provides an engrossing story of failures and successes. Describes the human story behind the program and his own feelings in learning from mistakes and technical problems in a continuous effort to improve Chinook's performance.

The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Checker Puzzles, by Robert Pike Go
A book about Checkers.

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