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March 20, 2023
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1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate, by Fred Reinfeld Go
A book about Chess.

Chess Composition Books Go
Adobe Acrobat editions of old, public-domain books on chess problems and composition.

Beginning Chess (Fireside Chess Library), by Bruce Pandolfini Go
This book contain over 300 problems, tailored to beginning players. It encompass everything a player needs to learn, from the basic rules and vocabulary to the moves of various chessmen to sophisticated strategies. 300 line drawings.

Chess for Students Go
Books and accessories for teaching the game. Fax ordering also available. Oregon, USA.

Chess Informant Go
Has been the best known and most respected chess periodical in the world for decades. Publishing the most famous international book containing recent matches.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess, by Bobby Fischer Go
This book is for the beginning chess player, regardless of age. The longevity of its availability has proven that it indeed can raise the level of initial play, and can train you to have a chess eye.

Modern Chess Openings: McO-14, by Nick De Firmian, et al Go
One of the world's most current and comprehensive one-volume reference work on the chess openings. Completely revised to reflect the changes and advances made in chess, including major tournament matches and published theoretical works.

Center Counter Defense: Portuguese Variation, by Selby Anderson Go
Devoted to the Portuguese Variation. Selby Anderson has assembled all relevant games, analysis and articles. Players of any level will appreciate the author's light and witty approach all the while dispensing lethal doses of tactical toxins.

Chess Fundamentals (Cadagon Chess Books), by Jose Capablanca Go
A book about Chess.

Chess For Dummies, by James Eade Go
Guides you to take in the rules so that they make sense and intelligently make your moves right from the get-go. Discover how to recognize your opponents' strategies and counter them, find major chess tournaments worldwide and play chess online.

Gambit Publications Go
Chess publishing company aims to produce different level of chess books for players.

The Right Way to Play Chess, by D. Brine Pritchard Go
Explains modern and internationally approved methods of chess. Detailed and illustrated explanations of the basic rules and general theories of chess, openings, middle games, end games, and more.

Matt Fullerty - The Pride and the Sorrow Go
Website by Matt Fullerty, author of The Pride and the Sorrow, a novel about the life of New Orleans chess player Paul Morphy.

Pirc Alert: A Complete Defense Against 1. E4, by Lev Alburt Go
This book gives you everything you need to know to defend against White's most popular way of starting the game. Alburt and Chernin explain both the winning ideas as well as the moves of the Pirc Defense, a dynamic system used by the world's chess elite.

Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy: Advances Since Nimzowitsch Go
Discusses classical themes, such as pawn majorities, center and structural weaknesses. Also discusses new concepts, including backward pawns in return for dynamic play, good/bad bishop, knights at the edge of the board, and the exchange sacrifice ideas.

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