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February 23, 2019
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Learn Chess (2)
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Chess Tactics Server Go
Tactical chess problems with a degree of difficulty ranging from trivial to ambituos are provided to be solved under time pressure.

BDS Website Go
Information about what makes chess problems good, the British Chess Problem Society, and the British Chess Solving Championship.

Problems by GMs Go
Chess problems provided by international GMs.

Chess Corner - Fascinating Games: Robert Fischer v. Boris Spassky Go
Synopsis of pivotal game 6 from their 1972 title match.

Chess Composition Microweb Go
Chess problems from simple two movers to complicated compositions.

Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day Go
Find a new chess problem daily.

Kasparov vs. Deep Blue: The Rematch Go
Information on the match at IBM's site.

ChessCorner - Boris Spassky Go
From their Chess World Champions feature. - Grandmasters Chess Academy Go
Chess lessons, courses and other training options provided by chess Grandmasters.

Mat Plus Go
A very large collection of graphical chess problems, published by the Yugoslav Chess Problemists Society.

ChessAid - Grandmasters Chess Academy Go
Free chess test developed by ChessAid - Grandmasters Chess Academy.

ChessMosaic - Chess Engines Collection Go
Chess website by Dusan Stamenkovic. Collection of over 1,100,000.00 chess games and over 500 chess engines.

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