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December 17, 2018
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More Hold'em Excellence: A Winner for Life, by Lou Krieger Go
Covers the importance of proper decision-making; why patience and position are vital; flop; early, middle and late position; common mistakes; how to play in loose, aggressive games; tells and more.

Poker: Bets, Bluff, and Bad Beats, by A. Alvarez, Kelly Duane Go
A book about Poker.

Improve Your Poker, by Bob Ciaffone Go
A book about Poker.

Poker: One Hundred and One Ways to Win, by Andy Nelson Go
Answers many questions that helps you develop skills to become a successful (i.e. consistent winner on an annual basis) poker player.

Pot-Limit & No-Limit Poker, by Stewart Reuben, Bob Ciaffone Go
A book about Poker.

Thursday-Night Poker: How to Understand, Enjoy and Win Go
A book about Poker.

Zen & the Art of Poker: Timeless Secrets to Transform Your Game Go
Presents tips that readers can use to enhance their game. Learn to make peace with folding, use inaction as a weapon, make patience a central pillar of your strategy, and pick times of confrontation.

The Basics of Winning Poker, by J. Edward Allen Go
This book presents an expert advice in an easy-to-read language to show you the best ways to be a winner at poker.

The Psychology of Poker, by Alan N., Ph.D. Schoonmaker Go
A book about Poker.

The Professional Poker Dealer's Handbook, by Dan Paymar Go
A book about Poker.

Winning Low-Limit Hold'em (2nd Edition), by Lee Jones Go
Gives a solid foundation with which you can be a winner at low-limit Hold'em. Since its first publication in 1994, this book has become a good reference on playing Texas Hold'em at the lower limits.

The Complete Book of Hold 'Em Poker: A Comprehensive Guide Go
A book about Poker.

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