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May 26, 2022
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Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks, by Karl Fulves, Joseph Schmidt Go
Card magician Charles T. Jordan (1888-1944) is known for the astonishing range of his ability and the subtlety of his thinking. Offers a wealth of Jordan's most impressive card tricks. Carefully written and illustrated instructions.

Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks, by Harry Blackstone Go
A book about Solitaire.

Card Manipulations, by Jean Hugard Go
A book about Solitaire.

Annemann's Card Magic, by Theodore Annemann, Ted Annemann Go
A book about Solitaire.

Magic Card Tricks: 50 Amazing Tricks You Can Do With a Magic Deck Go
A book about Solitaire.

The Complete Book of Solitaire, by Pierre Crepeau Go
Learning Solitaire variations is facilitated by the book's illustrations. Winning at Solitaire does not depend on luck alone, it takes a good memory and some strategic thinking. An ideal way to exercise the mind in mathematics and the art of precision.

Games and Fun With Playing Cards, by Joseph Leeming Go
A book about Solitaire.

World's Greatest Card Tricks, by Bob Longe Go
In this book, four different methods of bringing cards to the top of the deck, two ways to mix the cards, and other tips to deceive the eyes of your audience.

More Self-Working Card Tricks, by Karl Fulves, Joseph K. Schmidt Go
Noted writer in the field of magic, Karl Fulves has compiled a new treasury of foolproof card tricks, the definitive sequel to his popular Self-Working Card Tricks. This book contains a wealth of new material of captivating and baffling card wizardry.

Complete Book of Solitaire and Patience Games, by Albert Moorehead Go
A book about Solitaire.

The Expert at the Card Table: Artifice, ruse, and subterfuge Go
A book about Solitaire.

Self-Working Card Tricks: 72 Foolproof Card Miracles Go
A book about Solitaire.

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